Workshop "The Foundation of your career" - GEOS, September 2022 - Enginear

Workshop “The Foundation of your career” – GEOS, September 2022

Begindatum: 28 november 2022

During the introweek of the new study year Enginear will organize an interactive career workshop together with study assocaition GEOS. Enginear helps young professionals with the transition from student life to the job market. Career advisor Laurie van Bemmel will help you in this session to answer the question: "What career opportunities do I have after finishing the master Geomatics?"

In the workshop we will discuss the following topics: 

  • What does the Dutch job market look like at the moment? What jobs are available for me? 
  • How do I know which company or position fits me best? What makes me unique compared to my fellow students?
  • How can I clearly communicate my goal? How do I present myself professionally? 

After the workshop GEOS will organize a "borrel" where we can discuss the workshop and meet fellow students.


We ask you to sign up if you want to participate in this event so we can prepare the workshop properly. Click on the button "Inschrijven" (sign up).

After your registration you will receive 1) the link for the online workshop and 2) a short personality test to work with during the training.

See you there!

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